Presentations and Workshops

A Writer's Journey: Where to Begin

So you've always wanted to write a book but have no idea where to begin. Or perhaps you have started a book but need some direction. Learn from the experiences of one writer as they share what they learned on what it took to see their book in print. From writing groups, writing methods, writing resources, to writing conferences, publishers and their book in print. It was a long journey, but it was worth it.

Characterization: Developing those Unforgettable Characters

Why do we enjoy a good story? Part of it is the story itself, but the other part is because of the Characters. Your characters are the heart of your story; they make it what it is. Readers want to relate or fall in love with your characters. They want to cheer them on and see them beat the odds.

Learn the basics of developing characters your readers will love. From choosing a name, to what or who has made them who they are, to their motivation, it all plays a role. Remember, characters are the heart of your story.

A Writer's Journey: Navigating the World of Self-Publishing and Marketing Your Book

You've finally completed your manuscript, now what? Today is a great time to be an author. The world of publishing has drastically changed over the last couple of years. From the emergence of e-publishers and vanity publishers to royalty paying Indie-publishers, it's not the same old big six publishers. As an author you now have many options to choose from to publish your book. Choose wisely. Having chosen to go the Indie-published (self-pub) route with Amazon, I will share my experiences and reasons for doing so.

Review tips for using agents, established publishers and resources for navigating the world of publishing. Discuss steps in the self-publishing process and whether it is the right option for you. In addition, learn strategies for marketing your book regardless of the avenue you publish with.

FEES: There are no fees for conducting the workshops, it is a pleasure to assist other writers in the pursuit of their dreams, however, reimbursement for travel expenses is greatly appreciated.

To arrange for a workshop, contact Regina at

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