Historical Romances

Yesterday, When Chivalry Wasn't Dead and Passion Still Burned Hot

The Heart of a Pirate Series: Book one - The Vixen and The Falcon

1718 London England

Jacqueline Lancaster's father worked hard to build his shipping empire and wanted his daughter to appreciate and love it as much as he did. Sailing the seas with her father, Jacqueline was treated more like a son than a daughter. When her parents whisk her off to London for a season and a husband, she is less than pleased. Jacqueline has no interest in being saddled with a husband to tell her what to do. North Carolina is her home and some English dandy is not her idea of the perfect husband.

Left behind for the summer to enjoy London and find a husband, Jacqueline receives word that her parents' ship was raided by pirates and they were killed. She vows to seek revenge on the pirate who stole her family from her. After excusing herself from the London social scene, Jacqueline commandeers one of her father's ships, and enlists some of her father's most entrusted crew. She disguises herself as a pirate, and heads for the open sea. Her vow of revenge seems simple enough until she crosses the path of a pirate who commandeers more than her ship and crew.

The Falcon isn't just any pirate. He is ruthless, but fair. Feared, yet respected and Jacqueline finds him despicable yet can't stay away. Will Jacqueline get her revenge and escape the charade she is playing or will she lose more than just her family when the fiery-haired pirate learns she burns in his heart and he in hers?

Release Date TBD

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