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Fancy Pants

It really is true, there is no place like home.

Front Cover Fancy Pants

As the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for JRH Engineering in New York City, thirty-five year old Rebecca Eastwood has traveled around the world, working side-by-side with her boss and company president. After falling for him, she is devastated to learn he is still married and not divorced as he claimed. Not willing to be "the other woman", she takes a leave of absence so she can cope with the situation. She returns to Upstate New York to the safety of her family and begins to heal her broken heart. She rediscovers her love for horseback riding and a high school crush.

Single dad, Ben Dupre, is a successful Veterinarian, horse rancher and devoted father to his five-year-old son. When Miss Fancy Pants steps out of her BMW in her high-heels and silk blouse, he knows she's going to be trouble. He is less than thrilled when Rebecca inquires about riding lessons. He might be drawn to her physically, but he has no interest in a relationship after being hurt badly by his ex-wife. He can't let go of his anger and mistrust of women, but in his heart he is lonely and wants to give his son the mother he longs for.

Rebecca has no intention of complicating her life by becoming involved with a cowboy who has a son, even if she was crazy about him in high school. When a series of events keeps throwing the two of them together, their mutual attraction for each other begins to take over until Rebecca's ex-boyfriend darkens Ben's doorstep unwilling to let Becky go. Can they work their way through misunderstandings and overcoming old fears and finally find what their hearts desire most, each other and the life they can have together?

Published June 2012.

Fancy Pants is now available on for Kindle. It is also available for Nook on

Finders Keepers

Danica Albright, PhD., was a die-hard treasure hunter until that passion got her husband killed by a group of pirates. Now a single mom of their 3-year-old daughter, she has traded in her scuba gear for a secure position as a professor of Anthropology at one of the local universities.

Dr. Zealand Bauer, Marine Biologist and novice treasure hunter, is in search of the Falcon Treasure. He's pressed for time before all hell breaks loose. He knows he's close, but there is one person who can help him find it for sure before time runs out. There is only one problem, Danica wants nothing to do with finding a treasure she believes is cursed.

Reminded of her love for the quest of finding sunken treasures, by a man she had a college fling with, has Danica questioning whether she really is happy with her conservative life style. Contemplating helping Zealand she is surprised by his abrupt departure after her house is broken into. Realizing his folly for exposing Danica to danger that followed him has him making a hasty exit to protect her.

When Danica discovers a key to the puzzle left behind by her deceased husband, her brother convinces her that a family vacation is in order. Knowing her reluctance to dive back into her treasure quest days, her brother suggests she only deliver the information while they enjoy the sandy beaches of the Bahamas.

Before she knows what has happened, Danica finds herself drawn back into search for a sunken treasure and the arms of a man who could fill her lonely nights with passion. But when she discovers the truth behind who he really is and why he is searching for the Falcon Treasure can she ever forgive him for endangering their lives or will she let love triumph over all?

Release Date TBD

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