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Drumm Marketing and Communications, LLC
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  • Writing Services
  • Online Marketing
  • Job Preparation Assistance
Our Products and Services

Drumm Marketing and Communications, LLC (DMC) is a full service marketing, advertising and communications company filling a variety of client needs. If you are interested in how DMC can assist you with your marketing strategies, contact us to set up a free consultation where we will discuss what your company needs are and then devise a plan to meet your goals and your budget. Contact us today

Drumm Marketing enjoys collaborating with other local professionals who have years of experience. We take pride in creating the best marketing tools to grow and promote your business. Web and graphic design services are provided by KLO Web and Graphic Design. To learn more about them visit their website at KLO Web and Graphic Design LLC.

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Develop Marketing Plans

As a business owner or manager it is your job to steer your company toward a future that is successful and profitable. Once you set your company goals you need to have a strategy that is going to help you reach those goals. Your marketing plan helps you develop the marketing strategies that will lead you toward success and profitability.

Your Marketing Plan will:

  • Utilize strategic planning to identify areas of opportunity, market segmentation, product line analysis, financial planning, competitive analysis and implementation
  • Help management determine the best lines of business for ROI
  • Provide insight into customer's wants and needs to meet and increase marketing demand
  • Help management gain market share and increase sales
  • Help lower and control marketing costs
  • Increase company visibility
  • Provide a road map for planning, supervising and implementing marketing activities
  • Assist in providing customer service, and employee appreciation to gain the competitive edge

DMC will:

  • Create a comprehensive marketing plan
  • Assist in Media Planning & Buying
  • Assist in Designing advertising and public relations strategies
  • Assist executing marketing plan
Public Relations

Public Relations Campaigns help your business establish, maintain and improve a favorable relationship between you and the public. This effects whether the public sees your institution in a positive or negative light. Public perception effects whether or not they want to do business with you.

DMC will:

  • Provide Image Creation, public image concept, increase visibility
  • Provide Management of publicity events, develop and manage client sponsored publicity events
  • Provide Publicity Management, press release generation, investigate opportunities for free promotion
Promotional Material Development

There are a variety of ways to promote your business and inform your clients and customers. Your promotional tools are the keys to doing that. From brochures and newsletters to give-a-ways, we can help you with those needs.

DMC will assist you with developing:

  • Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Slick/Fact Sheets/Flyers
  • Presentation packets
  • Pens, magnets, mugs, clothing, etc.
Writing Services

Do you find writing a challenge? It is crucial that the items you are producing meet the objectives you are striving for in a professional, concise manner.

DMC will:

  • Write brochure copy and provide design
  • Write website copy and provide design
  • Provide advertisement creation
  • Write articles for publication
  • Write newsletter copy and provide design
  • Write and create booklets
  • Write and create data/fact/slick sheets
  • Write and create flyers
  • Assist with employee communications
  • Write and create Instruction Manuals/Training Manuals
  • Write and distribute press releases
  • Write and create Power Point presentations
  • Provide Proposal Development
Online Marketing and Digital Media

We have come to depend on the internet for a wealth of information, however, “searching” is one thing, “being found” is another. Drumm Marketing and Communications will help your business use a variety of online tools to help you “be found”, from developing a stylish website to using social media.

Website Development

  • Create content and message for your website
  • Develop your webpages
  • Assist with webhosting and launching of website

Social Media

  • Develop Facebook and LinkedIn pages and learn how to use them to generate visibility and customer interest
  • Develop a Twitter page
  • Develop a Blog – develop yourself as the expert


Job Preparation Assistance

The job market is very competitive today and you need to be able to prove to employers you are the right choice for their company. Whether you are graduating from college and looking for your first job, looking for a new position, or re-entering the work force, being prepared to wow that potential employer is key.

DMC will provide:

  • Resume/cover letter development
  • Interviewing/ job preparation coaching
  • Portfolio Development
  • Job Preparation Seminars