New Year Writing Resolutions

Happy New Year!

It’s a new year and time for some writing resolutions.

In 2014 I will:

Try to blog once a week and share what I’ve learned or what I’m doing,

Try to visit my Facebook page once a week and share,

Stick to a weekly writing schedule, writing on one of my Works In Progress (WIP).


Do you have any writing resolutions??

Upcoming Workshops

I am excited to be doing the following workshops:

September 28th 10am – Noon
Oswego Public Library – Oswego, NY
A Writer’s Journey: Publishing and Marketing Your Book

October 12 10am
All day  two part workshop
Lowville Free Library – Lowville, NY
A Writer’s Journey: Where to Begin
A Writer’s Journey: Publishing and Marketing Your Book

Visit Me at the Lewis County Fair

I am very excited to be attending the Lewis County Fair in Lowville on Saturday July 20th from 1pm – 7pm.

The Lowville Free Library is hosting a booth near the Grandstands and has invited local authors to stop by. The library has been a super great supporter of local authors. I appreciate everything they do to help us.

So if you’re in the area, please stop by and say hi. Looking forward to meeting lots of great people.

Characterization Workshop: Developing Memorable Characters

I am very excited to be returning to the Oswego Library for a writing workshop on Characterization.

Saturday, May 18th
10 am – Noon
Oswego Public Library
Oswego, NY
Contact the library to register.

A Writer’s Journey – Where to Begin

I am very excited to be conducting a writer’s workshop to share some information that was helpful to me when I started writing. This workshop covers the basics and provides you with some resources to help you move forward.

February 23, 2013
10 am – Noon
Oswego Public Library
Call the Library to register at 341-5867

Let’s hope for a TV movie deal

I’m very excited, my attorney has sent the movie inquiry letters to Lifetime Movie Channel and Hallmark Channel. I’ve been told that both my books would make great TV movies for either channel. How awesome would that be? I’ve also been told by several readers that their husbands, fathers and father-in-laws have read my book and loved it. I’m so thrilled to think my books appeal to the male audience.

What do you think? Would my stories make great TV movies?


Writing Workshop

I’m very excited to be doing a writing workshop at the Oswego Public Library on June 28th from 6:30 – 8:00 pm

A Writer’s Journey: Where to Begin

So you’ve always wanted to write a book but have no idea where to begin. Or perhaps you have started a book but need some direction. Learn from the experiences of one writer as they share what they learned on what it took to see their book in print. From writing groups, writing methods, writing resources, to writing conferences, publishers and their book in print. It was a long journey, but it was worth it.


Customer Review on Barnes and Noble

A premier novel of love, loss, courage and redemption, Ms.Edwards-Drumm’s first novel in her series ”The Wayward Wives Club”, “You Still Love Me” leaves this new fan breathless for more!

You still love me..haunting words..MS.Drumm captures the longing of love lost, the humor and courage of a woman who makes the choice to change her life, and the man she long ago loved..and lost. Brought together again in an unexpected, and offbeat town, where romance, characters and mystery abound at The Wayward Wives Club..first time home run for Ms. Drumm.

About Me

I have always loved reading and writing. When I was younger I enjoyed letting a great story take me away. I think as children we all dreamed about what it would be like to be a certain character from some great book we read. And for some of us, that love of reading translated into a love for writing.

From a very early age I loved to write. I also wondered about those great authors who wrote the books I loved to read. They were celebrities to me. Thinking I could become one of them was a dream. I grew up in a small town in Upstate New York. Those things didn’t happen to people like me. So the next best thing was to find a career that allowed me to write. I went to college, got my bachelor’s degree, my MBA and  had a very successful twenty-plus year marketing career. I still love marketing and public relations and started my own company. I even became a college instructor, sharing my knowledge with students to help them become better employees and better leaders.

I had accomplished all the things I set out to accomplish except my dream of becoming a published author. Well, that wasn’t acceptable. I believe that you have to follow your dreams and make them happen. You can’t sit around and wait for things to happen to you, you have to make them happen. That’s exactly what I did. This blog is about my journey to becoming a published author. But I’m not stopping there. My new goals are to become a best selling author and to have my books made into Lifetime or Hallmark movies. Hey, I got this far and I do believe that if you work hard enough, it is possible to make those dreams come true. Who says it can’t happen to someone like me?

Welcome to My Journey

Welcome to my blog. Come along with me as I tell you about my journey to getting published and my quest to becoming a Best Selling Author. Hopefully I can share with you some insight into the world of publishing, what I’ve learned and am still learning.  Everyone’s journey begins somewhere. Whether it was a book, a person, a story, a poem, or whatever inspired you, your love for writing began somewhere.