Stop and Smell the Roses or in this case Read a Book

Recently, I have found myself unmotivated to write. Some of it a little writer’s block and the other, just tired out. So, what to do. For me, one of the best things I can do is read a book. For most writers, we fell in love with writing because we love to read. A good book is what inspired us to become writers to begin with. My good friend Barbara Witek’s new book was just released and I decided to take some time out of my schedule to read it. So glad I did. First, “Daddy wore Dog Tags” was a good book. It had great characters and a sweet romance. Second, it made me want the next book so Barb better get writing. Third, it made me sigh at the end and want to get back to work on my own book. It was that reminder of why I began writing.

The other thing I did was watch a Hallmark movie. If you are a romance writer, you can’t beat a good Hallmark movie for inspiration. Again, another contented sigh at the end. Regardless of what genre you write, reading that book or watching that movie related to what you write can do wonders for your inspiration.

I am happy to say that my mojo returned. Thanks to a workshop I took with author Susan Meier, I was inspired to work on my story board. I now have my next 3 chapters plotted out so I can sit and write my little heart out.

So while you are racing trying to meet the next deadline or find you mojo a little out of sync, don’t forget to do what inspired you in the first place, stop and read a good book.

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