2014 March & April Writing Classes

I am very excited that BOCES in Liverpool invited me back. I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful group of writers in my last classes. I hope they stay in touch and continue to work on their writing. So much talent and so many great stories to tell. My next round of writing classes is as follows:

A Writer’s Journey: Where to begin

Saturday March 22, 2014 – April 12, 2014

10 am – 12:30, four weeks, Cost $69


A Writer’s Journey: Marketing & publishing your book

Thursday April 3, 2014 – April 24, 2014

6:30 – 8:30 pm, four weeks, Cost $69


2 Responses to 2014 March & April Writing Classes

  • Hi Regina!

    I’m interested in your class “A Writer’s Journey: Marketing and Publishing Your Book” but I am working on non-fiction. Do you think your class would still be helpful for me? I write about science, religion, and spirituality. (My website gives a good idea of what I’m up to if you want to look.)

    Thanks for your feedback!

    • Hi Ethan,
      The same rules for publishing and marketing your book apply to all genres. There might be a few slight differences depending on your genre as far as agents and publishers, but I point you in the right direction. The processes are the same regardless of what you write. I also give you lots of resources and advice.

      I hope I will see you in the class.

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