It’s a great time to be an author!

As I have been teaching my writing classes, I can’t help but reflect on how much the writing industry has changed over the years. Back when I joined RWA (Romance Writers of America) and CNYRW, the publishing world was a very different place. The large publishers were king and queen. They held a writer’s fate in the palm of their hands. Rejection was common place and often discouraged writers from pursuing their dreams.

Today, writers are fulfilling their dreams left and write (yes, I did that on purpose). Technology and the emergence of smaller presses and indie-publishing have changed all of that. I believe that as authors there is still that desire to sell to one of the big publishers and see your books on the shelves of Barnes and Noble. However, if that sale does not happen, your dreams do not have to come to an end. There are numerous smaller presses that have appeared on the scene offering authors options and of course indie-publishing. Publishers receive thousands of submissions. It would be impossible for them to publish each one. A rejection does not mean that you haven’t written a good book (although in some cases that is a possibility), it might just mean that it wasn’t the right time and fit for that particular publisher and the line you targeted. Don’t let that rejection stop you from seeking other opportunities.

Stop and ask yourself what you are looking to accomplish with your writing. Does it make sense for you to go with a smaller press or self-publish? Do your homework. Educate yourself on what is going on in the industry. What publishers are publishing the type of book you’ve written? Read the books that are selling. Keep working on your writing and learning the craft. I know multi-published authors who continue to go to workshops. And for heaven sake, DON’T stop writing and DON’T stop submitting your stories or looking for the best option that works for you. Now is an incredible time for you to pursue your writing dreams and seeing them come true.

It’s a great time to be an author.

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